Nerd Kingdom

Lead Designer

  1. Product Owner & Game Designer
    Product Owner & Game Designer
  2. Gameplay & AI Scripting
    Gameplay & AI Scripting
  3. Kinokojin!
  4. Biome Design
    Biome Design
  5. Biome Design
    Biome Design
  6. Biome Design
    Biome Design
  7. Biome Design
    Biome Design
At Nerd Kingdom I was able to get very familiar with the new
face of gaming studios in indie development. 

Working in an indie studio means that you live and die by your community so I learned a lot about the power of community driven design. 

I also worked with a team of research scientists who saw the game as a way of gathering huge amounts of data through  community interaction and Free to Play game mechanics.

On this project I served many positions but most prominently the Team Lead & Product Owner for the project.  TUG started as a product to be used by academic researchers to study player behaviors in game as well as the primary tool for its community to mod and help create their own game mechanics and content.

As Product Owner, I served as the vision holder for the research team's goals as well as a representative to the community while creating project goals during each sprint of  development.

I also served as Design Lead and managed a team of 5 designers on the project that included lore designers, systems designers, sound designers and community representatives.

In addition to my lead responsibilities I was the primary biome designer and gameplay and AI scripter on the project.

Terminal Reality

Level Designer

  1. Galactic Dance Off
    Galactic Dance Off
  2. Scaleform UI
    Scaleform UI
  3. Jedi Destiny
    Jedi Destiny
  4. Jedi Destiny
    Jedi Destiny
During my career with Terminal Reality, I was able to learn a
lot of critical design skills and tools. 

I worked on and shipped 2 AAA titles, each with their own unique hurdles to overcome.  I learned a lot and it made me a wiser  designer for the experience as well as seasoned in the games industry.
Star Wars Kinect
Working with a new technology such as Kinect required everyone on the team to expand their skills for the project.  During this time I worked on several system design documents, level design layouts and other gameplay modes that never quite made it to the final product.

During the project's development cycle, I served as the primary designer in integrating Scaleform into the engine.  I served as one of the designers for the pod racing mode greenlight build.  I served as the designer for all levels in the dance mode for the final product and I worked on two of the shipped Jedi Destiny  levels.
Design Documents
Dance System Design (.docx)
Dance Storyboard (.docx)

Dance Mode

During this project, I worked on two levels of the game from start to finish as well as helping out other designers in integrating a boss level in the game.

Ghostbusters focussed on third-person action for the most part but also had unique puzzle elements throughout the levels. 

I learned a lot about tactical enemy placement and combinations as well as creating some interesting puzzle sections using the slime tether weapon.

  1. Hotel 2
    Hotel 2
  2. Hotel 2
    Hotel 2
  3. Hotel 2
    Hotel 2
  4. Hotel 2
    Hotel 2
  5. Hotel 2
    Hotel 2
  6. Lost Island
    Lost Island
  7. Lost Island
    Lost Island
  8. Lost Island
    Lost Island
  9. Lost Island
    Lost Island
  10. Lost Island
    Lost Island

Rancor Mode

Podrace Mode

Jedi Mode

Rancor System Design (.doc)
Rancor Tatooine Timeline (.xls)
Rancor Tatooine LDD (.doc)
Providence 3 LDD (.docx)
Dance Dialogue (.docx)
Bespin - Track Design (.docx)
Beggar's Canyon Story (.docx)
Tatooine - Track Design (.docx)
Beggar's Canyon Beat Sheet (.doc)